Introducing the “Power Plan” For Black Couples Who Want To Take Their Health, Wealth & Intimacy To The Next Level 

Love & Legacy is a Proven Framework for Black Couples Who Are Ready to Stop Surviving and Start ThrivingWithout Spending Years (or Thousands of Dollars) On Therapy.


If You’re Reading This Right Now, You’ve Probably Been Married For A Long Time…

That means you and your partner have both grown and changed a lot over the years.

So, what’s next?

You’re a “seasoned” couple at this point.

You’ve paid your dues.

You ran the marriage marathon and got the t-shirt to prove it.

Now, you’re ready for the next evolution of your personal life and your relationship.

You’re ready to grow: mentally, physically, emotionally and financially with your partner.

You’re don’t just want your marriage to suffer and barely survive like so many other relationships you’ve seen.

You want your personal and family life to thrive — and you’re willing to show up powerfully to do the work required.

Love & Legacy is how you do it, step-by-step.


 Created By Learning From Over 17,000 Successful Black Marriages. Designed To Support and Nurture Yours.

Love & Legacy is the first and only program in the world created from speaking privately to thousands of Black couples about the biggest challenges in their life and relationship.

Over the last few years, Strength of Seduction has conducted research and analyzed data on over 17,000 beautiful Black families in the United States to understand the unique challenges our marriages in our community face.

We sought to understand the key elements that separate happy, successful marriages from those that end in unhappiness or divorce.

In a recent report called the 2023 Black Love Study , we found that there are just FOUR distinct elements that you need to create a healthy, successful marriage over the long term.

We call them The 4 Pillars of Successful Marriage:

1.) Clear, consistent and empathetic communication between partners.

2.) Healthy mental, physical and emotional habits.

3.) A vibrant intimate life and sexual connection.

4.) Shared financial goals and good money habits.


The results of our research were loud and clear…

If you have the 4 pillars, you won’t just “survive”…

But your marriage, life and everybody around you will THRIVE.

And since the mission at Strength of Seduction is to strengthen the love, intimacy and connection of Black families everywhere, we knew it was time to step up.

So we took all of our research, hired world-class coaches and created a curriculum designed to support Black couples with all 4 pillars — and much more.

The result is called Love & Legacy.

Here’s Why 365 Days of Expert Coaching In Communication, Fitness, IntimacyMoney is Enough To Change Your Marriage Forever…

Our coaches focus on you, so that you can focus on each other. Here’s what you’ll be learning inside the program:


Pillar #1: Relationship Communication

Our certified relationship coaches will help you master the art of navigating conflict with your partner to overcome your most difficult challenges.

Pillar #2: Health & Fitness

Our Strength of Seduction certified personal trainers will help you shed body fat, embrace a renewed sense of self-confidence, and elevate your mental well-being.

Pillar #3: Sex & Intimacy

Work with intimacy coaches, sexologists and other experts to learn more about bringing passion back into your sex life and meeting each other’s needs in the bedroom.

Pillar #4: Money & Finances

Clear up communication around money for good and connect with financial experts to help you get clarity around your family finances. Then, craft a customized plan to build a family emergency fund.

Certified Coaches With Decades of Experience To Guide, Support and Train You.

Roosevelt & Renita Quick

Relationship Communication Experts

Micah Morgan

Fitness & Nutrition | SOS Co-Founder

Daniel DiPiazza

Money & Business | SOS Co-Founder

New Guest Expert Instructors Added Monthly

How Love & Legacy Coaching Sessions Work

✅ Get Personalized Coaching and Support


3-5 live coaching sessions per week on communication, intimacy, fitness, finance and more. More days being added soon!

Lifetime Access to All Recordings


If you can’t make a session, catch up on the recordings in your free time.

Members-Only Chat & Email Support


Priority access to SOS coaches with dedicated email addresses reserved for Love & Legacy members.

Unlock 52 Weeks of Lessons, Assignments & Accountability Based On Our Ground-Breaking Book & Programming

We’ve taken all the most important elements of building a happy, healthy marriage and created a simple framework for you to follow over 52 weeks.

Each week, both you and your partner will receive texts and emails with instructions for exactly what to do.

You’ll have access to our full length book, a suite of digital programs and other resources to guide you, step-by-step. Little improvements every day will add up to big progress in your life and relationship.

Here are just some of the things you’ll be learning:

Open Communication

Mastering the art of open and honest dialogue paves the way for deeper understanding and connection within relationships.

Physical Health and Wellness

Committing to physical fitness and wellness not only enhances personal health but also energizes and enriches the romantic bond.

Emotional Intimacy

Cultivating emotional intimacy ensures that partners feel seen, valued, and deeply connected on every level.

Spiritual Connection

Deepening your spiritual bond, whether through shared faith, meditation, or moral values, enriches the relationship with a sense of purpose and shared destiny.

Sexual Fulfillment

Prioritizing sexual fulfillment and openness ensures a vibrant and satisfying intimate connection, nurturing both the physical and emotional aspects of the relationship.

Financial Empowerment

Building a solid financial foundation is key to creating a secure and prosperous future together.

Mutual Respect and Appreciation

Fostering mutual respect and appreciation is essential for maintaining a nurturing and supportive relationship.

Conflict Resolution

Developing effective conflict resolution skills is crucial for navigating disagreements with love and understanding.

Shared Experiences

Engaging in shared experiences and adventures strengthens the bond and keeps the relationship vibrant and dynamic.

Make New Friends & Build Lifelong Relationships With Other Couples Who Are On The Same Journey to Health & Happiness As You

The best part about Love & Legacy isn’t the content — it’s the community.

Inside the program, you’ll meet other Black couples who are also interested in marital growth, personal development, health, family finance and more. This is the perfect environment to catapult your growth! A supportive community is one of the most powerful tools for changing your life!

Let’s do it together.

Enjoy The Perks of Upgraded Community Status

When you join Love & Legacy, you’ll experience a new level up connection, status and membership inside of the Strength of Seduction community.



  • A Love & Legacy verified member badge in your profile
  • Unlock all current SOS digital content (15+ programs)
  • Private L&L membership section with chat, dedicated email support, exclusive content and more
  • Priority access to coaches, new SOS community features and programs

Instant Access to Our Vault of “Ready To Go” Family Resources At Your Fingertips

Our goal is to make your life easier by helping you to handle some of the “day-to-day” challenges with more ease. To support you, we’ve created an ever-evolving “vault” of resources to make things a breeze.



  • Customizable meal plans, grocery shopping lists and recipe guides for families.
  • Family financial planning resources, monthly budget tracking tools, family vacation planning, money making ideas and more.
  • Date night, anniversary and birthday shopping gift ideas (for men and women).
  • Coming soon: directory of licensed family therapists, Black MDs and other community health resources.

Here’s The “Retail” Price of Everything You’re Getting Inside Love & Legacy

Don’t Worry, You’re Going to Pay Much Less Than This 😉 

Love & Legacy is a proven system designed to help Black couples upgrade their life and marriage. If you were to purchase every service inside of the program individually, you’d have to find and hire many different professionals — and pay them professional rates! Love & Legacy saves you that hassle and expense.

Just for fun: here’s what it would look like to pay “retail” for everything you’re getting inside of Love & Legacy based on current market rates….



Retail Price

1.) Relationship Coaching w/ a Certified Professional $9,600 / year ($200/session, 1 session/week x 48 weeks)
2.) Personal Training w/ Certified Professional (For 2 People) $14,400 / year (2 people x $75/session x 2 sessions/week x 48 weeks)
3.) Nutrition Guidance + Meal Planning $3,600 / year ($300/month x 12 months)
4.) Financial and Business Consulting Sessions $6,000 / year ($500/session, 1 session/month x 12 months)
5.) Sex Therapy / Couple’s Intimacy Workshops $5,400 / year ($450/month x 12 months) 
6.) SOS VIP Membership for Love & Legacy $1,200 / year ($100/month x 12 months)
7.) Group Accountability Programming  $1,200 / year ($100/month x 12 months)
8.) Access to Complete SOS Video Library + Bonuses $400 (one-time cost)
9.) “Ready To Go” Family Resources $500 (one-time cost) 

Total Annual Retail Price

 $42,300 / Year

Total Retail Price: $42,300/year


You Pay: Just $997/year

*that breaks down to only $2.73/day*

Two easy options: join now for just $997 today OR break it into payments over 6-18 months and pay as little as $63/month with Affirm, AfterPay or Klarna.

Buy Now. Pay Later. No Late Fees. No Surprises.

We partnered up with major retail finance partners like Affirm, AfterPay and Klarna to make this program as affordable as possible. That means you can get started improving your life and marriage ASAP!

The great news: some plans are $0 to start. And you can spread it out over 6-18 months with little to no interest depending on which plan you select!

How To Finance The Program In 3 Easy Steps:


Step #1: Select the “Finance Over 6-18 Months” button anywhere on this page.

Step #2: Enter your information and select Affirm, AfterPay or Klarna at checkout.

Step #3: Choose how many payments you’d like to make and complete the registration process.

That’s it!

Here’s What Love & Legacy Couples Are Saying About Their Experience

Meet Kim and Reggie

“Lack of communication was really affecting us, but our marriage was worth the fight. Now, we’re back at it!” 


Kim and Reggie have been married for 38 years and just like any couple, they’ve been through it all! In the above snippet from the Strength of Seduction Podcast, they share their story — including how Love & Legacy was an essential part of making their marriage stronger than ever.

What’s It Like Working With Love & Legacy Coaches?

The Coaching Experience With Roosevelt & Renita Quick

Thirty-plus years of marriage allows a couple to grow both individually and together as a team. While Roosevelt came from a family of long-lasting marriages, Renita’s family history was one of separation and divorce.

Like most young couples, Roosevelt and Renita experienced challenges with unmet expectations, communicating ineffectively, financial issues, and personality differences which all lead to times of conflict, disagreement, and misunderstanding.

Certified Relationship Coaches Renita & Roosvelt Quick

Because they had decided that divorce wasn’t an option, they chose to invest in their relationship by attending marriage conferences and retreats which taught them how to celebrate and appreciate their differences and communicate for understanding and positive resolutions.

They learned that if they could remain teachable, flexible, and persistent, then they could experience oneness and fulfillment. From that revelation grew a passion to share with other married and pre-married couples so that they too could enjoy an enduring love for a lifetime. 

Love & Legacy Couples Are Making Remarkable Transformations. Are You Next?

I’m grateful for something unexpected that’s happening in this process. With life and our busy schedules we are making time to work out together daily and having fun in the process…his kids are even inspired!! The lessons on communication are an added bonus and are actually improving the communication with others outside of our relationship. Overall we’re grateful for this opportunity to connect on a deeper level as a couple and with other like minded couples with a common goal of fitness, health and love.

-Makeeta B.

The program has encouraged myself and Shai to maintain our goal of making our physical health a lifestyle. It wasn’t until we joined that we realized we could also build intimacy and togetherness through fitness. Despite many distractions, we are able to make time for our relationship with Love & Legacy. Which in turn, benefits us holistically.

-Melissa B.

My marriage has benefited so far because that dedicated time is being shared with my wife. It’s easy to get caught up in our daily routine and at some point we begin to just go through the motions. This program is forcing us to not just go through the motions but to physically and mentally be present in each other’s daily habits.

-Gerald S.

Try It Risk-Free With Our Absolute 100% Money Back Guarantee


If you attend coaching sessions at least 1x/week for 30 days and you honestly don’t feel like it’s improved your relationship…or that we did not deliver in any way during the program, just ask for your money back within 30 days of your start date. We will honor the refund 100%. It’s very simple.

Worst Case Scenario: you try it, you don’t like it. You, your partner still get three months of training, all on us. You get ALL your money back.

Best Case Scenario: you try it, it works. Your life, body, bank and marriage are permanently improved. You become the success story!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between this and therapy?

Love & Legacy is not supposed to take the place of therapy.We aren’t offering any medical advice or clinical diagnosis. Think of us like a nutritional supplement to your healthy diet, not a “Hail Mary” for your mental health or marriage. This is a vehicle for growth, not a solution for emergencies. Always listen to your doctor.

How much time does the program take each week?

Are you willing to invest just 90 minutes per week into your marriage? If So, you can make tremendous progress in your relationship with Love & Legacy!

What's the guarantee / refund policy?

The SOS “Absolute Money Back” Guarantee is is simple: If after you’re not 100% blown away after the program is over, we’ll pay you every cent back.


How to qualify for the guarantee: If you attend the program at least 1x/week for the first 30 days and you honestly don’t feel like it’s improved your relationship…or that we did not deliver in any way during the program, just ask for your money back within 90 days of your start date. 

What if I get lost? What kind of support is there?

You get unlimited support from our team. Peace of mind is yours. We’ll be here to answer any questions or solve any problems that you have during the program.

You also get lifetime access to recordings so you can catch up on any sessions you miss — plus priority access to SOS coaches with dedicated email addresses reserved for Love & Legacy members.

What makes this different from other programs?

It’s not fair to compare. Because there are no other programs like this. We welcome everyone, but we exist to highlight, celebrate and champion Black and Brown couples. Because somebody must. Our programming is designed with you in mind.

How does the financing work?

We work with partners Affirm, AfterPay and Klarna to provide reasonable payment plans over 4-18 months. Interest rates are as low as 0% depending on the plan selected. 

All you need to do in order to apply is select one of the financing options at checkout. You’ll be taken through a short application and the system will tell you whether or not you’ve been approved for financing.

You’ll then pay whatever monthly rate you selected until the program is paid in full.

How long will it take to begin seeing results?

You will begin seeing results in your life and marriage within the first session of the program. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out if it.

We're not a Black / traditional couple? Can we still participate?

Of course! We support all love. We are simply promoting Black love because our community needs an extra dose of it. We welcome couples of all orientations, shapes and shades in the SOS community!

When are the live coaching sessions?

We currently offer 3-5 live coaching sessions per week in the evenings. We’ll be adding afternoon and morning sessions soon as well! We have members from all time zones who are able to easily join at convenient times. And remember, if you can’t make the live session, you can always catch the recording.